How to create a Google Wallet pass with Flex Input

Flex Input is the fastest and easiest way to create a Google Wallet pass

Flex Input is the easiest way to get your content from where it is to where you need it to be. If you are looking to easily create a Google Wallet pass for your phone, here's how you can do it with Flex Input, the  easiest way to create a Google Wallet pass online.

  1. Sign up for Flex Input at!/register. You can use an email address and password, or sign in using your Google Account.
  2. Visit the Create Google Wallet Pass tool, and enter the details of the pass you'd like to make. Most loyalty passes use the Code39 or EAN13 formats. Click Generate once you're ready.
  3. Your pass will be created, and you'll see a barcode that you can scan to install your pass. We will also send you an email with a link.
  4. On your phone, open the email you've received to install the pass. Click the Add Pass to Google Wallet button. 
  5. Confirm that you'd like to open the pass in Google Wallet.
  6. Google Wallet will open, and show you the Add Pass dialog with the details of your new pass shown. Click the Add button.
  7. Confirm that you're adding it to the correct Wallet: passes created this way can only be added to a single Google Account.
  8. And you're done!
  9. You can click the View in Wallet button to see the pass barcode.

And that's it! Email us at with questions, comments or suggestions.


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