How to create a Google Slides presentation from images using Flex Input

Flex Input is the fastest and easiest way to create a Google Slides presentation from multiple images

Flex Input is the easiest way to get your content from where it is to where you need it to be. If you are looking to easily convert 10, 100, or even 1000 images into individual slides, here's how you can do it with Flex Input, the easiest way to bulk import images into Google Slides.

1. Make sure you have your images set up for easy import. If there is a specific order that the images should be inserted into the presentation as slides, make sure the image file names are sorted appropriately. As an example, if you had 10 images, you'd number them 01.png, 02.png, 03.png, 04.png, 05.png, 06.png, 07.png, 08.png, 09.png, 10.png. After import, Flex Input will automatically sort the slides so the images appear in the same sequence.

2. Open your Google Slides™ presentation, then click the Extensions menu, select Flex Input and then select Bulk Import Images.

Start Bulk Image Upload

3. Click the Select Image Files button to pick the files. You can also drag and drop multiple PNG or JPEG images.

Select Images

4. Once the file selection dialog opens, navigate to the folder containing your images.

Navigate to folder with images

5. Select all the images you'd like to import, then click the Open button.

Select Multiple Images

6. All the images will load, and will be automatically sorted based on their file names. You can drag the images into a different order if you require a different sort order. Click Next once you're satisfied with the file sort order.

Sort selected images

7. Choose the position of each image in the slide using the dropdown: it defaults to Center position. Click the Create Slides button to create your slides.

Select Image Position in Slides

8. Each image will be uploaded and added to the presentation.

Processing selected images

9. Once the images are all added, you will see a confirmation screen.

Slides successfully created

10. You can immediately start viewing and using your new slides.

New Slides

And that's it! Email us at with questions, comments or suggestions.


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