The easiest way to get your content from where it is to where you need it to be.

Install Flex Input for Google Workspace to import Google Documents and Markdown files from Google Drive into Google Sheets, and to edit HTML and Markdown using a rich, ergonomic editor without leaving the Google Sheets Interface.

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NEW Import multiple images into Google Slides™.
NEW Insert GUIDs/UUIDs into Google Sheets™.
Import Google™ Documents and Markdown files into any cell in a Google Sheet™.
Import content from URLs on the web directly into any cell.
Edit HTML and Markdown content in cells with a rich, ergonomic editor without leaving the Google Sheets™ interface.


Flex Input was built to be the easiest way to import URLs or Google Docs content into a Google Sheet. We wanted a clean user interface, support for both HTML and Markdown, and direct editing of rich text. Let us know what you think!